Sri Lankan Four Poster Arrives

After 7 Months of eager anticipation and wait we have finally received the Sri Lankan four poster bed for the Master Bedroom.  It is the most beautiful hand made bed, ordered specifically for the house.  It also fits which is a bonus.  

The bed we first saw in 2011 when we were over in Sri Lanka for a holiday and we happened to go by our friends hotel.  He showed us around the grounds and to some of the bedrooms, where we saw the bed and thought wow that is just lovely.  We then saw the bed in an antique shop near by and umm'd and argh'd about buying it, but we decided against it as we had no where to really put it.  BUying the house in Wales we reminded ourselves about the bed we had seen and got in contact with the Hotel Manager to see wether he new the furniture manufacturer.  He did and job done we had it made up and sent over to the UK.