About Us

Welcome to our home in Wales. Siam House (Ty Siam in Welsh) was redeveloped in 2007 from two barns.  We purchased the property in 2016 as our family holiday home in Wales. 

We live abroad most of the year and we wanted to provide our twin boys with a home in the UK, where they could experience how I (David) grew up in a rural countryside setting. We live in Bangkok, hence the name we gave to the house, Siam, which is the old name for Thailand. We use the house as much as we can and love being able to make it available to others who love Wales and all that the countryside has to offer.

The house is in a beautiful and picturesque location, just 3 miles from the beach. There are so many  things to do and explore around the area for all ages.

We hope you love your time at the house as much as we do.

David, Tim, Olly & Teddy Betts-Hollinrake